Translational Medicine and Drug Discovery
It took Drs. Bruce Littman and Rajesh Krishna the better part of two years to put together a landmark text focused on Translational Medicine in Drug Discovery. In the first chapter Dr. Littman provides an overview of the field from the perspective of one of its founders in the pharmaceutical industry. Then this important text includes detailed examples of how translational medicine contributes to drug development today and how it will change in the future. Chapters are written by translational medicine experts in various therapeutic areas and by leaders in related fields including modeling and simulation, imaging, biomarker validation, public-private partnerships and consortia. It is essential reading for those interested in this important aspect of drug discovery and development.

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How to evaluate risk around drug candidate investments?
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Translational Strategies for Personalized Medicine
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Translational strategies to implement personalized medicine: rheumatoid arthritis examples
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What’s Next in Translational Medicine:


Translational Medicine in Pharma:


Create a translational medicine knowledge repository - Research downsizing, mergers and increased outsourcing have reduced the depth of in-house translational medicine expertise and institutional memory at many pharmaceutical and biotech companies: how will they avoid relearning old lessons?


Tocilizumab and missed personalized medicine opportunities for patients with rheumatoid arthritis?


Implementing Personalized Medicine


Navigating the Bench to Bedside Journey: Refining and Adapting Established Approaches to Drug Development


The ultimate model organism: progress in experimental medicine
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